PIERIS japonica 'Dorothy Wycoff' - Single Plants
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This offering is for single plants of this variety. These are growing in 2.5 inch containers.

A superb shade-loving, flowering evergreen shrub. Foliage is dark, glossy green, bronze to red when young. Urn-shaped flowers are borne in pendent, terminal panicles, to 6 inches long. Bloomtime is from late winter to early spring. Related to rhododendrons and azaleas, it requires the same shady, moist, acidic, well-drained soil. 'Dorothy Wyckoff' has deeply veined, very deep green leaves, turning bronzy in cold weather. Purplish-red buds open to pale pink flowers, later turning white. Grows 10 to 12 feet tall and 8 to 10 feet wide. Zones 6 to 8.

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PIERIS japonica 'Dorothy Wycoff' - Single Plants

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