Mugo Pine Seedlings - Single Plants
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This offering is for single plants of this variety. These are growing in 2 inch containers. 

Best grown in moist, well-drained, organically rich loams (clay or sandy) in full sun to light shade. Pruning of this slow-growing form is rarely needed. Generally tolerant of urban conditions. Pinus mugo, commonly known as mugo pine or Swiss mountain pine, is a broad-spreading pine which is native to the mountains of central and southern Europe. It will grow to 20’ tall, but is often seen much shorter in a shrubby form. Dark green needles (1-3" long) appear in bundles of two. P. mugo var. pumilio is a dwarf variety with a dense, spreading form. It often grows prostrate with upright branching. It typically matures over time to 3-5' tall by 6-10' wide. Zones 3 to 7.

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Mugo Pine Seedlings - Single Plants

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