Loblolly Pine - (Single Plants)
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This offering is for single plants of this variety. These are growing in quart containers. 

Loblolly Pines are large trees, growing up to 100 feet tall. Loblolly Pines grow in forests and fields. In fields, they are a pioneer tree, meaning they are one of the first trees to grow.The trunks of Loblolly Pines can be up to three feet wide. The bark is thick, scaly, and dark grey. Underneath are brown layers. Leaves are needles, in clusters of three, with each one being about six or seven inches long. Needles stay green all year. The flowers of this tree are usually yellowish-orange. They give way to cones. Loblolly pinecones are three to five inches long, dull brown, and prickly. Loblolly Pines grow quickly, and they can grow in wet or dry soils. Some other plants that grow with this tree include: Eastern White Pine, Virginia Pine, White Oak, Southern Red Oak, Willow Oak, Sweetgum, Eastern Redcedar, Red Maple, Yellow Poplar, Sassafras, American Beech, American Elm, Flowering Dogwood, American Holly, Smooth Sumac, Highbush Blueberry, and Tussock Sedge.


Loblolly Pine - (Single Plants)

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