Juniper Blue Pfitzer - Single Plants
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This offering is for single plants of this variety. These are growing in 4 inch containers. 

The Basics
This fast-growing evergreen transforms into bluish green foliage in spring transforming blue-purple in winter.  Its upright growth habit can be easily trained into other forms reaching 4-5 feet (6-8 feet wide) tall.  Best performs as groundcover, medium-sized shrub, and topiary.

The Needs
Amount of Sunlight: Thrives in full sun; Tolerates shade
Amount of Water: Water regularly; more frequent watering in extreme heat; Drought tolerant 
Soil Conditions: Adaptable to most soils; Prefers dry, well-drained 
soil; Not tolerant of overly wet soil
Cold Hardiness Zone: 4-8

The Care
This easy-to-grow evergreen needs a regular water schedule to ensure the growth of a mature root system.  After the mature root system is established, watering is needed occasionally, except during a drought, watering is needed regularly. Prune once or twice a year around the edges in order to keep the middle of the plant full. 

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Juniper Blue Pfitzer - Single Plants

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