Carex Pensylvanica - Single Plants
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This offering is for single plants of this variety growing in pint containers. Various quantity price breaks are available.


Pennsylvania Sedge, Rush - Native. Green, fine, arching blades, semi-evergreen. Will grow in dry soil as well as moist. Requires irrigation in full sun. Clumps spread by rhisomes. Insignificant brown bloom in May. Cut back late Winter. This is a good choice for a manageable groundcover for shaded areas where turf is hard to grow. Can be mowed to 3"-4" high for a lawn substitute. Can also be used as a border.Mature height 8"-10". Spreads 6"-12"

   Zones: 4-9

  • Item #: HHN-CGC1013

Carex Pensylvanica - Single Plants

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