BACCHARIS HALIMIFOLIA (groundsel tree) - Single Plants
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This offering is for single plants of this variety. These are growing in tube sleeves of 4” deep x 2.25” diameter.

BACCHARIS HALIMIFOLIA (groundsel tree): medium height, deciduous shrub of irregularly flooded salt & brackish marshes & in open woods along the coast. Cotton-like white flowers & alternate branches. 5-12’. Zones 4 to 9.

The native groundsel tree is recommended as a garden shrub or hedge because of its hardiness, freedom from disease, fall flowering, and resistance to salt spray. The female plants, in particular, with their densely silver-green aspect, are beautiful when few other plants are flowering. Plants can be trained to a single trunk – tree-like and up to 10 feet tall. It is a useful shrub for reclaiming moist or wet sites, including retention areas and drainage ponds. Although it apparently has little or no value as a good food source for game animals, groundsel tree provides cover and nesting habitat for various species of birds. Bees and small butterflies use the abundant nectar from the male flowers, which in turn attract songbirds to forage on the insects. 

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BACCHARIS HALIMIFOLIA (groundsel tree) - Single Plants

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