AZALEA 'Mandarin Lights'- Single Plants
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This orange beauty is a hardy deciduous azalea, covered in deep orange flowers in spring before the leaves with good fall color. Prepare the soil right and get the best results...must have well-drained, highly acidic and organic soil, use plenty of peat moss when planting. 

Mandarin Lights Azalea is bathed in stunning clusters of lightly-scented tomato-orange trumpet-shaped flowers with a orange flare at the ends of the branches in mid spring before the leaves. It has green foliage throughout the season. 

Mandarin Lights Azalea will grow to be about 7 feet tall and wide. It tends to be a little leggy.  Zones 4 to 9.


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AZALEA 'Mandarin Lights'- Single Plants

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